08/08/2018 to 15/08/2018

Sziget Festival

400 000
Multi Day Festival
The Sziget Festival in Budapest is one of the biggest cultural events in Europe and is held on a yearly basis with more than 1.000 performances and close to 400.000 visitors. It takes place on Óbudai Sziget (also called Hajógyári Sziget) which is a more than 100 hectares big Danube island in the North of Budapest which usually is used as a recreation area as well as a small business area and some clubs and restaurants. Once a year the island is equipped with a lot of stages, booths, areas for camping and the Sziget Festival can start. Originally the Sziget Festival started as a Student Festival in 1993 but became very famous a few years later and is now one of the top addresses for international artists from all over the world. Also the audience is by far not only Hungarian anymore, more than 50% of all visitors are coming from abroad including UK, France, Germany and many more.
For electronic fans they have two major areas and multiply small areas with Techno, Trance, Drum&Bass or Dubstept.
European Festival Awards 2011: Best Major European Festival
European Festival Awards 2014: Best Major European Festival
European Festival Awards 2015: Best Lineup

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