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Mutek Argentina 2018 - From Montreal to Buenos Aires

The distinguished international festival of digital creativity will present an expanded edition for four consecutive days. Its program contains more than 80 artists including The Orb, Atom TM, Sculpture, Artificiel, Akufen, 1024 Architecture and Francesco Tristano & Guti.

2017 – First Edition

The re-launching of MUTEK Argentina in 2017 impacted the audience with its varied agenda. A diverse and heterogeneous crowd gathered for 3 days in different centres to enjoy advanced global expressions of electronic music and digital arts in their particular disciplines. In an atmosphere of conviviality and diversity, MUTEK Argentina fulfilled its essential objective, being a platform that brings the artistic innovations closer to the public and a space for meeting, exchange and information flow between artists and people. 

Mutek 2017 Argentina


This year, the second edition will take place from September 14 to 16, in Buenos Aires offering a program of activities that will include workshops, lectures, digital art installations, live shows, audiovisual performances and amazing proposals that combine art and technology.

The festival will display its already known sections, A/Visions, Play, Digi Lab, VR Salon, Nocturne and Experience, adding the project  ARTLAB 3D SOUND (which proposes to work sound spatiality with the help of software German MNTN).

Also for this edition, MUTEK.AR held a large federal call for artists in three areas: audiovisual, virtual and augmented reality, and sound spatiality (ARTLAB 3D SOUND).


MUTEK is a platform for the dissemination and development of digital creativity in sound, music and audio-visual arts. The project is active in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, since 2000 and today is a global network with editions in Mexico, Spain, Japan, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Argentina. Its purpose is to provide a platform for the most original and visionary artists who currently work in these disciplines, with the intention of creating an initiation and discovery space for audiences. In a planet of constant changes, the "MU" in MUTEK, consciously, refers to the notion of "mutation".

Mutek Line-up 2018

A/visions 3 – The Orb

On Saturday 15.09 MUTEKAR will present the program A / Visions 3. The third instalment of the contemplative audiovisual program cycle which explore the relationship between image and sound. The historic British band The Orb will lead it.

The Orb is considered one of the most influential groups of electronic music for being precursors of the ambient sound and for productions like 'The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld', 'UFOrb' or 'Little Fluffy Clouds'. This works positioned them as the pioneers of atmospheric and futuristic electronics.

The Orb - producers


Mutek will also have 2 nocturnal programs, the first one on Friday at La Tangente and the second one on Saturday at Punta Carrasco. Both nights are oriented to immersive and fluent sets of emerging talents and experienced international producers.

Nocturne 1 artists: Musique Nouvelle – Diamin & Fango - Aylu – Santiago Martinez

Nocturne 2 artists: Atom TMRadio SlaveMagnanime – Janina – Nicolás Forster – Bodeler & Ariel Rodz 

Amplify Program

AMPLIFY is an ambitious initiative that connects an active network of 20 women artists and curators working in the digital arts, virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive narrative projects in Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and Great Britain.

AMPLIFY is built on existing connections in America and Great Britain, and adds a conversation between South and North America, to amplify opportunities for artists and curators to gain ground in a growing international environment. Connecting different cultures and experiences, the network activates a platform to discuss accessibility, inclusion and gender equality among professionals in the local and international industry.

The AMPLIFY network will take place first at the MUTEK Montreal festival, between August 20 and 26, 2018. Participants will be involved in a series of workshops, creative labs, performances and exhibitions as part of the local Keychange program, dedicated to empowering women in the field of digital arts and electronic music, to enlighten, highlight and contribute to the cultural change around the inclusion and parity of opportunities.

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