Creative Ideas To Spice Up An EDM Show

Let's have a look at some of the most creative ideas to spice up an EDM show

There may not be a genre of music currently that inspires quite as much excitement at a live show as EDM. Sure, there are niche exceptions. Go see Andrew W.K. at a small venue and a couple hundred diehards will head-bang hard enough to make you feel like you’re at war; hit a reunion show for a classic rock group and the pure force of nostalgia will send you back to the ‘80s in a time machine.

But for your average modern show, beat-intensive electronic music takes the cake. The sounds are specifically designed, in most cases, to wind people up and then make them go crazy, and naturally this desired effect comes about more often than not.

That basically means there’s no need to spice up an EDM show. The genre is doing just fine when it comes to live music. But a live music show can always get better, so we came up with a few ideas just for fun.

EDM Festival Show

Film Scenes As Background Standard fare for an electronic show involves bright neon lights essentially putting on a show of their own. But what if instead a DJ or group attempted to sync some of their sounds to familiar scenes from famous movies, projected on a giant screen at the back of the stage? Granted there could be some issues with the rights to use those scenes in such a way, but with that caveat this could add a fun, creative touch to any EDM show.

There are already quite a few movie soundtracks fueled by EDM, and just about any fast-paced action or chase sequence could work, so ultimately there’s be a lot of cool options to choose between.

Shows In Domes If you haven’t heard of the Madison Square Garden “sphere” project, go ahead and look it up. Basically, the group that owns MSG in New York is attempting to roll out a new kind of concert venue, beginning in Las Vegas and then spreading to other cities. The specific ideas for the venue are a little big vague, but the building would be a sphere, and the interior surface of it would be equipped with screens and/or projector space. It’s hard to know exactly what could be done with this, but suffice it to say the traditional electronic light show could be taken to new heights.

Next Track Wagers This idea is a little bit out there, but betting is becoming a hotter topic of late, in large part because it’s being legalized in parts of the U.S. If you’re not familiar with sports and event betting, you may believe it only concerns the outcomes of games or seasons. However, if you look through the hundreds of high-quality online bookies that already exist, you’ll find all kinds of smaller bets on seemingly every little thing. These include “live” or “in-game” options that allow people to bet on developments in real time. So why not apply it to concerts?

Through a simple app, event venues or bands could foster fan engagement by allowing betting on which track might come next, what kind of outfit a DJ will wear, or any other little thing. There could even be some concert tickets, apparel, or backstage privileges on the line. Hologram Heroes The whole hologram artist concept has already sparked its share of-of controversy. At the same time as many object to the idea of holograms being used to resurrect artists however, others are dreaming up lists of performers they’d pay to see “live” in hologram form. But no one ever talks about the fact that this technology doesn’t only have to apply to deceased artists. What if it just introduced characters?

The inspiration for this thought is groups like Daft Punk or Gorillaz, who have made themselves into almost mythical figures through animation and costume. Through hologram technology, other DJs and artists could do something similar by inventing characters who could put on their own show - dancing, acting out some kind of scene, or even fighting one another - while the music plays. It would add an exciting visual component to any electronic show.

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