DISTORTION 2019 announces 30 more ACTS!

The festival in Copenhagen, Denmark revealed another round of acts for its 21st edition from May 29 - June 2. 

DISTORTION 2019 announces 30 more ACTS! (Photo Credit@Daniel Liversage)

Photo Credit to Daniel Liversage

"5 day of street life and new music in copenhagen"

When? May 29 - June 2, 2019

Where? Copenhagen / Denmark

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The organizers behind the 5-day Danish festival announced 30 acts for this year's edition bringing you acts such as Acud, Mark Knight, and Denis Horvat. You can find the full yet announced lineup at the bottom. 

Distortion 2019 Teaser

Distortion is split into 3 formats: A daytime 'Street Party' (Wed&Thu), 'Distortion Club' (Wed,Thu,&Fri) with new dance music, and 'Distortion Ø' (Fri&Sat)- the weekend festival site. 

Find more information on the official website and visit our event page for tickets + accommodation opportunities. Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for both latest lineup updates and festival impressions right in your hands.


Bongbeck & Braunholz - Faia - Dappy - Bongo & Pusk - Standard - DJ Tennis - Dirk 81 - Dense & Pika - Denis Horvat - Dekmantel Soundsystem - Deena Abdelwahed - Christian  d'Or - Christian Nielsen - Channel Tres - Brigade - Acud - Bexey - Bette - Ben Böhmer - Beatmörtelz - Artigeardit - Anëk - Andrevictor - Adana Twins - Shake - Elias Boussnina - First Hate - Flexlikekev - Fool - Ian Bang - Kathrine Luna - Mark Knight - Padawan - Philip Peyser - Powel - Rikkle Bronx - Shaq - Simon Littauer - Tim Andresen - Warte: mal - Ziggy Phunk

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