EXIT offers 4 festivals for the price of one

 After nearly two decades of running the most successful festival in Southeast Europe, EXIT in Serbia, with sister events in Montenegro and Romania, the EXIT team is coming to Croatian seaside!

Sea Star is a brand new festival in Umag held from 26–27 May at the Stella Maris resort! First announced acts include The Prodigy, as well as the local favorites Dubioza kolektiv and Croatian hosts Urban&4. The new shining festival of the Adriatic Sea will present artists from the global and regional music scene on six different stages. Along with the two official festival days, festival-goers can also expect a huge warm up party on Thursday, 25 May, as well as an afterparty for the fittest on Sunday, 27 May!

The next chapter in the EXIT’s Summer of Love 2017 is the Revolution Festival that takes place on 2 and 3 June in the charming Romanian town of Timisoara. This, also EXIT-run event has been nominated in two categories at the European Festival Awards, for Best New and Best Small Size Festival in 2016.

Right after the globally acclaimed EXIT Festival that’s being held 6–9 July at the colossal Petrovaradin fortress, adventure heads south to the fourth edition of Sea Dance festival 13–15 July!

The year 2016 was once again a great success for both EXIT and Sea Dance festivals, which combined make the EXIT Adventure, a unique holiday package that took nearly 300.000 fans on a life-changing journey through the Balkans. This massive party starts each year in the second weekend of July at the globally acclaimed EXIT Festival in Serbia and then travels to its sister Sea Dance Festival in the neighboring Montenegro. More than 1000 international and local artists performed at 30+ very genre-diverse stages, spanning from the colossal Petrovaradin Fortress in Serbia (EXIT) to the historic town Budva in Montenegro (Sea Dance)! EXIT had 4 official days and nights, with Sea Dance adding its 3, but for many the whole festival holiday lasted more than 10 days with camping next to the sandy beaches that both festivals have nearby.

To get connect it all even further, EXIT has started the biggest holiday offer in its history! Available only during the holiday season, the simply dubbed “1 ticket = 4 festivals” offer lets all current ticket holders and future ticket buyers for EXIT festival (priced at 99 EUR+b/f / £89+b/f), get free tickets to the remaining three festivals of the EXIT Summer of Love 2017 as a gift: Sea Star festival in Croatia (26–27 May), Revolution festival in Romania (2–3 June), and Sea Dance festival in Montenegro (13–15 July). 

How to get these summer of love tickets?

  1. Buy your ticket for the Exit Festival. Either right here or at Exitfest.org
  2. Between the 1–28 February register your ticket at Exitfest.org to get free tickets to the remaining three festivals as a gift

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