JIGSAW 2018 announces news update + ticket sale!

JIGSAW International Music Festival returns to Macau on 8 December 2018. Elite Fun Entertainment Limited, organiser of the festival, held a media conference at Wanying Hall, The Plaza Restaurant, on October 23 to reveal the specially-designed stage and production elements as well as to announce the official ticket sales and the unique VIP experience at JIGSAW International Music Festival, offered in Asia for the first time.

The festival is headlined by Grammy-nominated DJ, Steve Aoki, alongside other high-profile names including Quintino, Ummet Ozcan, Carl Nunes, Quentin Mosimann, as well as Binary, DJ Chozie and DJ Rayray, and will take place all night, from 9 PM to 5 AM at the Venetian Macau’s Cotai Expo Hall A.

When? December 8, 2018

Where? Macau / China

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Official Teaser Video

high-tech music and lighting production

  • Combining technology, sound and design, advanced music and light shows will be interspersed between DJs performance sets ranging from five to eight minutes long to captivate and entertain audiences throughout the night.
  • JIGSAW is the leading EDM festival in Asia to introduce creative technologies into the music festival experience, with the reveal of the first two themes “Robo Wars” and “Invasion”:
    • Robo Wars: This theme brings the excitement of a visually-enhanced battle scene between robots and humans right to the JIGSAW stage. Performers will be holding laser lights while synchronously controlling animated robot soldiers on the big screen, to showcase an attack on the performing DJ. The DJ, in turn, will be controlling the lighting arrangement and project a holographic shield that will surround the entire stage.
    • InvasionGolden-coloured spheres will be suspended in the air throughout the venue. DJs and performers will aim at them with laser lights and technology in order to release the confetti inside into the festival crowds. Thefloating confetti together with powerfulelectronic dance music sets will light up the venue and heighten the adrenaline.
  • Advanced lighting and visual elements have been designed to create an eight-hour non-stop EDM rave that not only guarantees the best EDM tracks, but a visual and sensory feast for audiences.

JIGSAW 2018 with headliner Steve Aoki!Steve Aoki

unique vip experience and luxury offerings

  • Three unique VIP sections will be present on both sides of the stage, named after the prominent global cities Paris and Miami, to highlight the diverse international features that have been integrated into the JIGSAW International Music Festival experience. This reflects JIGSAW s vision of an international music and arts festival that promotes and embraces cultural integration and appreciation.
  • Breaking tradition, JIGSAW will also set up bar areas in the unique VVVIP sections, offering a selection of fine wines and hors d'oeuvres. Located along the wings of DJ mainstage, each VVVIP block can over 100 people, giving audiences the chance to enjoy a close-up experience of the festival from the best seats in the venue.

official ticket sales begin

  • Tickets are on sale starting from today (October 24) on the Venetian Macau and Cotai Ticketing official websites.
  • Official tickets are priced at HKD 880, with Ferry Packages priced at HKD 1,008, including one General Admission ticket as well as a round-trip Cotai Water Jet ferry ticket from Hong Kong to Macau.

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Stee Aoki - Quintino - Ummet Ozcan - Carl Nunes - Quentin Mosimann - Binary - DJ Chozie - DJ Rayray

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