PollerWiesen - The Story

20+ years PollerWiesen - Festival in Cologne, Germany

"A party with electronic music under the open sky, with the sun in your face and the warmth on your skin. This was the initial idea that marks the starting point of a new spirit. At first Patrick Peiki was partying with just a few friends, but the word soon spreads out fast within the small scene back then. The "illegal" rave starts to grow.

After becoming legal for the first time after ten years in 2003, the city council steps in. The two responsible people Patrick Peiki and Oliver Hoffmann are cited to Cologne's public order office. After long negotiations and talks it's clear: THE PARTY GOES ON!" 

"But it remains important to the organizers of PollerWiesen that the spirit stays the same! Another ten years later, the PollerWiesen has established itself as as an institution in Germany and beyond. Many fans of electronic music come to the numerous places where a PollerWiesen takes place. The party is still growing and has up to 10.000 visitors nowadays."

 Movie in German (English subtitles available)


Official PollerWiesen Festival Aftermovie 2015

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