27/05/2022 to 29/05/2022

Intents Festival

40 000
Multi Day Festival
The Intents Festival is one of the most prominent multi-day dance events in Europe and a well-known concept in the Netherlands and abroad. Intents consist of two full festival days, which is unique for a Dutch dance festival. The Intents festival has already featured many top performers from the hardstyle, hardcore and freestyle scene.

No Current Lineup

The current lineup is not out yet.

These are the acts that played on former editions of this festival.

Da Tweekaz, Sub Zero Project, Coone, Warface, D-Sturb, Sefa, Angerfist, Frequencerz, D-BLOCK & S-TE-FAN, MC Villain, Dr. Peacock, Radical Redemption, M.A.N.D.Y., Rebelion, KELTEK, Outsiders, Act Of Rage, Rejecta, Deadly Guns, Adaro, Phuture Noize, Partyraiser, Psyko Punkz, N-Vitral, E-Force, Paul Elstak, Tony Junior, Mark With A K, Delete, B-Front, Rooler, Isaac, Mental Theo, Johnny 500, Sub Sonik, Zatox, Hard Driver, Killshot, Primeshock, Bill X, Promo, Digital Punk, Dr. Rude, Nosferatu, Pat B, Regain, Malice, Jay Reeve, Zany, Spitnoise, MC Dynamite, Never Surrender, Panic, Ncrypta, Destructive Tendencies, Biggi, Bass Chaserz, Dj Q, Crypsis, Galactixx, The Viper, Dither, MC Livid, MC Nolz, MC Alee, MC da Syndrome, Degos & Re-Done, Sub Zero, Cryogenic, Demi Kanon, Vandal!sm, Unresolved, MC Da Mouth Of Madness, RVAGE, System Overload, Furyan, MC DRS, Thyron, Francois, Hard Effectz, Zanger Kafke, Thera, Neroz, MC DV8, MC Syco, Krowdexx, Artifact, Josh & Wesz, Nøize, Imperatorz, Gaia, Luminite, Mr. Ivex, Vertile, PRDX, The Dark Horror, Diaz & Bruno, Abaddon, Sickmode, Het Feestteam, Physika, Scarphase, Tommy Santo, Odium, Damien Rk, Chris One, Deluzion, Bloodlust, Udex, Pln-b, Juliëx, Uncaged, Aversion, the outsiders, Voidax, Pieter Sahieter, Barber, Major Conspiracy, Arzadous, Invector, The Darkraver, Riot Shift, The Shade, Jematthy, Slagerij Janssen, Bengr, Cryex, NSCLT, Subraver, Thornballin', Ressurectz, Bart Van Dishoeck, Mamba, The Gang, Scarra, Apexx, Twstd, Embraise, Captain Karnastyle, Deenis, Levenkhan

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Youtube Video

Recap - Rode loper Première Intents Festival 2018 aftermovie