27/05/2021 to 30/05/2021

Psychedelic Experience Festival

5 000
Multi Day Festival

Four days long without a break, the guests can peacefully meet and merge with the magic of the movement. The Chill Area Ambient Garden takes the travellers into phases of relaxation in between. Jumping into the cold water of a nearby bathing lake helps to regain energy. And the international market area invites not only to culinary walks around the world. Vendors also offer jewellery and clothes chosen and made with love. One thing is guaranteed in the ecstatic summer trance of sound and vision: A lack of sleep. Thats why we suggest you to plan your holidays early enough!

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Official Psychedelic Experience Open Air 2014 Trailer

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05/08/21 to 08/08/21
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11/08/21 to 15/08/21
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10/09/21 to 12/09/21
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21/05/21 to 24/05/21
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05/07/21 to 08/07/21
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