Moroccan festival MOGA unveils FINAL LINEUP for 2019!

... including Raresh, Amine K. Maher Daniel, and many more!

Moroccan festival MOGA unveils FINAL LINEUP for 2019!

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When? October 11-13, 2019

Where? Essaouira / Morocca

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The stunning Essaouira in Morocco is all set to be enchanted by the various vital rhythms of local and international electronic music stars once again from on October 11th, 12th and 13th 2019. This cultural coming together under the sun and stars takes place at a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Game of Thrones filming location. Now the final line up for the event at The Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa has been revealed with Raresh, Amine K, Maher Daniel, MEMED AWAD, TOTO & BLOKO, Philipp Straub, KHALIL RYAHI, ISSAM, SKOTEK, Driss Skali, Joep Mencke, JESSIN, MAXENCE, Seejay, M-HEIDI and ZAKARIA plus many more all added. These names come on top of the likes of Kenny Dope, Nathan Micay, BAS IBELLINI, BLOND:ISH, Enzo Siragusa, Lazare Hoche, Bradley Zero, Praslea, DJ W!ld, OXIA  and many more.

 Expect a stunning view!

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The annual MOGA Creation initiative has also been announced. After dOP and the Maalem Hassan Boussou in 2016 and Stavroz and the Essaouira Issaoua in 2018, it is THOMAS and JULIEN DE BIE, who form the PARALLELLS dup, who will mix their electronic productions with the gnaoua music of MAALEM OMAR HAYAT. After several days of working together in the studio in Essaouira, they will play pieces from their collaboration on the GARDEN STAGE of MOGA Festival SOFITEL Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa.

The Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa will host the avant-garde of the international and Moroccan scene and visitors will dance for three days and more to the rhythms of a stream of hedonistic electronic music.

Moga Festival 2019 Official Teaser

FEATHERED SUN, a great German combo made up of the famous Berliners Chris Schwarzwalder, Raz Ohara, JO.KE and Rico Loop, will offer us a necessarily mystical live event: live performances will be more than ever honored this year in fact so prepare to travel with the carefree Mexican SAINTE VIE. PARRA FOR CUVA come straight from Cologne and melancholic vibes come from the Moscow duo GEJU, who will diffuse his slow house chill sounds throughout the festival. BLOND:ISH now a solo project, will bring joy and spirituality.

Alongside them, two prominent members of the great All Day I Dream family headed up by from Lee Burridge come in the form of the haunting YoKoO and MATTHEW DEKAY, while eminent Californian BEHROUZ will offer surprising but still captivating selections. KERALA DUST is another live combo that is a revelation of the indie/desert house scene. 

Multi-faceted in sound, MOGA also celebrates house and disco with the new Parisian muse of the movement, LOUISE CHEN and the ultimate London digger and Gilles Peterson fave, BRADLEY ZERO. Micro house will be proudly represented by two of its most far-sighted representatives, the Romanians PRASLEA and RARESH, the latter member of the trio ARPIAR, who will provide us with an unprecedented B2B of PRASLESH. DJ W! LD will bring back the spirit of Ibiza. Techno will not be forgotten, far from it, as the French oldtimers OXIA  and NICOLAS MASSEYEFF will ensure a back-2-back while KONSTANTIN SIBOLD will bring his "deutsche qualität", oscillating between house and techno. ENZO SIGARUSA, the boss of Fuse, will do us the honor of his presence by spilling his house made in UK at So Lounge! Not to mention the living legend KENNY DOPE, an illustrious member of the Masters At Work duo - whom he formed with his compatriot Little Louie Vega in 1991 - and a worthy representative of the New York house scene.

beating the forefront with the local scene

The Moroccan local scene will of course beat the forefront, with acts including DAOX, MR ID, ACHIL, NORITSU, AMINE K and NOMADS. Many B2Bs between Moroccan artists are in the program with DAOX b2b BAS IBELLINI, DRISS SKALI  b2b CHAIM, AMINE K b2b SABO.

These final names mean MOGA will once again be a unique experience on October 11th, 12th and 13th in Essaouira.

About the festival

  • 4 Stages: Pool Stage, Garden Stage, Terrace Stage and So Lounge
  • Young creators market, wellbeing and relaxation
  • Hours: 12h - 05h00
  • Location: Sofitel Mogador Golf & Spa Essaouira

An ambassador of French elegance internationally, Sofitel celebrates more than half a century of success and links to culture by organizing many  events focused on art and culture. Even today, art, in all its forms, is one of the major pillars of Sofitel brand around the world: between cafes and literary stopovers, photo exhibitions or concerts.

The essence of SOFITEL Essaouira Mogador's customer experience is in perfect symbiosis with the spirit of the MOGA FESTIVAL, a subtle blend of generous nature, original design, artistic spirit, all expertly dosed to embody a chic hippie adventure off the beaten track.

After hosting the first two editions of the Moga festival in 2016 and 2018, the Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa will once again be the central venue of this festival, which has become an essential event on the artistic and cultural agenda of the Cité des Alisées.

Find more information on the official website and visit our event page for tickets + accommodation opportunities. Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for both latest lineup updates and festival impressions right in your hands.

Moga Festival 2018: Official Aftermovie


Achil - Alex Niggeman - Amine K - Bas Ibellini - behrouz - Blond:ish - Bosaina - Bradley Zero - Canson - Chaim - Daox - DJ W!ld - Driss Skali - Enzo Siragusa - Feathered Sun (Chris Schwarzwalder - Raz Ohara - Jo.Ke - Rico Loop) - Folamour - Geju - Glitter - Issam - Jessin - Joep Mencke - Kenny Dope - Kerala Dust - Khalil Ryahi - Konstanin Sibold - Lazare Hoche - Louise Chen - Luca Bacchetti - M.A.O.U. - Madmotormiquel - Maher Daniel - Marwan Sabb - Matthew Dekay - Maxence - Memed Awad - M-Heidi - Mr. ID - Nathan Micay - Nawfal - Nicolas Masseyeff - Nomads - Noritsu - Ojoo Gyal - Oxia - Parallells - Parra For Cuva - Philipp Straubb - Praslea - Raresh - Sabo - Saib. - Sainte Vie - Satori - Seejay - Skotek - Terekke - Toto & Bloko - Two Faced - Yokoo - Zakaria

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