12/03/2020 to 16/03/2020

Bangface Weekender

5 000
Multi Day Festival
After five years of monthly club nights Bang Face launched the first Weekender in 2008.

No Current Lineup

The current lineup is not out yet.

These are the acts that played on former editions of this festival.

REBEKAH, DJ Rush, Max Cooper, Clouds, Heroes, Eprom, The Outside Agency, DJ Loco, Ed Rush, Mollie Collins, The DJ Producer, Rogue, Billain, Limewax, Billx, Stormtrooper, Killbox, Hellfish, 2 Bad Mice, Flesh, MANDI DEXTROUS, Remarc, Ruby My Dear, Billy Nasty, Big Worm, Ceephax Acid Crew, Posthuman, DJ Assault, Dj Snare, Luke Vibert, Culprate, Phatworld, Chopstick Dubplate, Vincent, STAZMA The Jungle Christ, Thorpey, Otto Von Schirach, The Teknoist, Demonic Technique, Manni Dee, Mark Archer, Jacky Murda, Spongebob Squarewave, Demon Cabbage, Saint Acid, Holly, Dave Shades, Dave Skywalker, Mathlovsky, Dr. Bastardo, Stefan ZMK, Rich Furness, Matheus, Abba Gabba, Amon Tobin, Detweiler, DJ Scotch Egg, Kanji Kinetic, Smiley Maxx, Wombcorps, Doubtful Guest, Ben Suff Donk, Jacques Malchance, Isocore, Simon Jones, M T Hall, Dj Bastardcunt, Sertone, Mark Forshaw, Microphyst, Dj Shag Girls, Dwarde, Dairylea Donker, Innercore, Wonksie, Babyshaker, Eastman Presser, RiDylan, Shitney Beers, Vincent Van Sloth, Hollie Anthwax, Cun7, Spinee, Enduser, Lady Lox, Buster, More Or Less, Jamin Nimjah, Major Upset, Miki Taiki, Lemon Girl, Earthworm Jim, Gm Ben, Dj Gurl Power, Gore Tech, Rotator, Mully, Quiet, Chevron, Bloodysnowman, Hurtdeer, Scanone, Big Lad, Foxdye, Gash, Dr Cryptic, Sample Junkie, Gfoty, Sully, Outhere Brothers, Powder, Earthworm, Dead Man's Chest, Chase, Iglooghost, Acen, Ars Dada, Scheme Boy, Floorclearer, Brain Rays, Hadean, Meow Meow, Dead Mans Chest, The Horrorist, Ladyscraper

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