04/08/2022 to 07/08/2022

Garbicz Festival

10 000
Multi Day Festival

Behind a door crowned by two unicorns, a land out of the time opens itself for a special journey. Garbicz festival offers an atypical course within the contemporary cultural world a transformational, non-commercial and ecological festival, conceived by a small assembly of backpackers, willing to offer multi-faceted experiences, where music is understandable as a bind between all of the participants of this adventure.

No Current Lineup

The current lineup is not out yet.

These are the acts that played on former editions of this festival.

Seth Troxler, Andhim, Rødhåd, Ricardo Villalobos, Dvs1, John Talabot, Lawrence, Mathias Kaden, Dirty Doering, Robag Wruhme, Gestört Aber Geil, K Paul, Detest, Madmotormiquel, Lexy, Rampue, Konstantin, Marcus Meinhardt, Jenny, Fjaak, Drunken Masters, Britta Arnold, Zahni, Tymon, HouseKaspeR, Kollektiv Ost, Martha Van Straaten, David Dorad, Boris Dlugosch, Schlepp Geist, Chris Schwarzwälder, Kangding Ray, Malke, Reche & Recall, Kettenkarussell, Küche 80, Sascha Cawa, Blondee, 2 Elements, AirDice, Luke Hess, Die Gebrüder Brett, Dorisburg, Westbam, Zwette, ESKEI83, Pauli Pocket, Peak & Swift, Ninos Du Brasil, Sarah Farina, Superpitcher, Sven Dohse, Borderline, CroTekk, Petra Struwe, Plattenpussys, KomaCasper, Panik Pop, Leigh Johnson, Rawley, DJ Moestwanted, Heimlich Knüller, Le Tompé, Peter Schumann, Dave Dinger, AFRICAINE 808, Thomas Stieler, Mimi Love, Crussen, Adaptiv, Stephan Strube, Dynanim, Elliver, Incognito, Cannibal Cooking Club, Oldschoolrockerz, An On Bast, Andy Blake, Norman Weber, Thomas Ackermann, Marcus Brodowski, SVEN TASNADI, The Sorry Entertainer, Michal Zietara, Skinnerbox, Florian Neubauer, JANEIN., Schrempf, Thomas Knoll, Amplidudez, Jay Cee, Louis Garcia, Annie Hall, Randweg, Bo Irion, Daniel Ledwa, P. Slang, Sino Sun, FabrixXx, John Dee, Craig Mortalis, Boogie Pimps, Superzandy, Calvin Burkardt, Doubting Thomas, LOVRA, Tallgram, Don Ramon, Sebastian Sandmann, Brenz Hold, Scrounger, Gina Sabatini, Animuz, Janoma, Oscar OZZ, Conforce, Esther Silex, ROWA, Tim Blume, Franz Scala, Sumosui, Lemonella, Tobi Tastic, Gammler, Rouge Mécanique, Ron Caroll

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Garbicz Festival 2018 2019 - Arts & Music Festival

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Czech Republic
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30/09/22 to 02/10/22
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United Kingdom
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02/09/22 to 04/09/22
United Kingdom
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21/08/22 to 26/08/22
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01/09/22 to 05/09/22
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