Ruhr in Love

40 000
Single Day Event

Ruhr in Love is the festival of the “electronic music family” in Germany. It's an all-day open-air event at which 40 colorful and imaginatively designed floors are presented by various major players of the scene (clubs, event organizers, record labels, booking agencies, radio stations, magazines etc.). The center is the Mixery-Stage featuring international headliners.

AfterParties are taking place after the day event in over 20 clubs and party locations all over North Rhine-Westphalia.

FAZE Mag Poll 2015: #7

Current Lineup

178 acts will play at this festival.

Sam Feldt Will Sparks Ron Moguai Pappenheimer Dune Kerstin Eden MORRIS Pet Duo Minupren BMG aka Brachiale Musikgestalter Zahni Cuebrick Lost Identity Niereich Die Gebrüder Brett Oliver Magenta 2 Elements Brand! X-Treme O.B.I. Rotterdam Terror Corps FRDY Torsten Kanzler Timbo Alfred Heinrichs Björn Torwellen Tensor & Re-Direction KomaCasper Angy Kore Sven Wittekind Viper XXL CroTekk Taucher The Wishmaster Danielle Diaz Sebastian Groth Vol2Cat Terror Clown Wanja Steff Da Campo Quicksilver Roger Shah Tom Franke Andi Teller Man at Arms Da Hunter DJ Evolution Sorgenkint Dj Falk Sutura Mimalogic Chorea Lux Tobi Wan Kenobi Quitara Baby Raw Cutmaster Jay Khetama Chico Chiquita Nicky Jones Kahlkopf Max Bering Dalora Olle Tommy Libera Unmensch Acoustic Armageddon D-Ceptor Erixon Krischmann & Klingenberg Darkcontroller Rene Raggas the CZAP BrettHit Future Breeze Emphaser Alexia K. Klanglos Brainrape Dedicator Mc Madness Nikkel Mbp Fappe & Bru Basskiller Vescu hatred Estasia Patara Felix Bernhardt Blondee & Roberto Mozza Dj Timster & Ninth Basslovers United dia plattenpussys Alexander Machts Der Kleine Korbi Jey Aux Platines Wishes & Dreams Mauricio Morkun Andreas Hankeln Andreas Seeber Andrew Barclay DJ Moestwanted Dominik Stuppy Kenlo & Scaffa Paul Schneyder Leinad Lessil DJ Daydreamer Fabian Farell The Midnight Murder Tribe Suicide Rage Lino Escoba Marc Vision Marc Wall.E Noel Holler Alain Delay Bassmeister Chris Wacup Dissoactive Dj Preacher HouseKaspeR Code Crime Dan Winter Den Corvin Distortion Mindblast Mircowave Multiplex Rob van O Chefetage D-Fighter Dj Marcel Dj Philip DJ Temper DJ G4BBY DJ Lukas Dj Pablo Dj Phunk Dm Style Dschafar Goldfish S-te-fan Vincent Nana K. Nstinct Ontonic Scrafty Sintica Adaptiv Gourski Tayfun Vision WazToo Becker Fallen Kramer Reflex Stupid Libra Malua Mitch Mr. V Pearl Sub92 Carlo Dione Zorc Alyf Amok Coco Flow Mark Mrcl Simo RML SRB 909

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Ruhr-in-Love 2018 / Official Aftermovie

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03/07/19 to 08/07/19
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14/06/19 to 16/12/19
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13/06/19 to 16/06/19
United Kingdom
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05/09/19 to 09/09/19
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